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Who we are

Human Rights Claims is a team of Australian lawyers and industrial advocates who are experts in human rights legislation in Queensland, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

We are also specialists in discrimination and sexual harassment claims and have a strong record of achieving successful outcomes on behalf of our clients in various courts, tribunals and commissions.

Human Rights Claims is a division of the Supportah Network and proudly represent people from all walks of life who have experienced unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment or those who are experiencing human rights issues.

Our focus is on achieving justice for our clients, whether that be an apology, reinstatement to employment, changes in policy or substantial compensation pay outs.

How We Can Help

If you have experienced sexual harassment, or some form of unlawful discrimination, we can help.

We will:

  • quickly assess your matter
  • advise if you have a legitimate claim and what your chances of success might be
  • indicate how long the process will take and what costs might be involved
  • advocate on your behalf in any conciliation conferences or formal hearings

Rest assured, if we can take on your case – we won’t stop fighting until we have achieved the outcome you are hoping for.


Australian courts take discrimination and sexual harassment extremely seriously.

Recent decision have seen the courts impose enormous penalties on perpetrators in addition to awarding significant compensation in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for shock and distress (hurt and humiliation) to those who experience sexual harassment.

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LAST UPDATED: February 2022

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