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Transgender Woman Sacked After Posting “embarrassing” YouTube Video

Transgender woman sacked after posting “embarrassing” YouTube video

A transgender woman has been sacked after posting an “embarrassing” YouTube video about being rejected by Big Brother.

Jolene Dawson shared the video “I Didn’t Make It onto Big Brother Australia 2020 and I’m upset” to her channel last Friday.

14,000 people have subsequently viewed it.

Transgender woman says she deserves to be on tv

In the 11-minute clip, Dawson says Australians:

“…deserve to see a trans narrative on TV and I’m the perfect person to give that to Australia and show we’re real people”.

She accused producers of picking contestants who are “generic and ordinary” and “don’t bring anything to the show”.

“You never see talented people,” Dawson said.

“When I was a kid I didn’t have people like me to look up to.

“I want to be that person for someone else so they don’t have to feel the same way I did growing up.”

The full f**king package

Previously, Dawson has appeared on other reality shows including The X-Factor and Trial By Kyle.

As a result, she claims casting agents usually ask her to appear without having to audition because she’s “the full f**king package”.

“No one else in this country can do what I can do.

“There’s no reason I shouldn’t be in that house.

“It’s upsetting and it’s ridiculous.”

Sacked from job

Dawson says after the video went viral, viewers bombarded her with abusive and transphobic comments and messages.

For example, “disgusting mutt of a f***ing thing” and others telling her to “cut her wrists vertically”.

Furthermore, her employer sacked her as a result of the clip, with her former boss calling it “embarrassing”.

The employer asked her whether she wanted to have a corporate job or “be an internet meme”.

“I’m worried because with how the economy is now it’s not like I can just go and get another job,” Dawson said.



Social media dangers

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from Human Rights Claims says most companies have strict social media policies.

“Always be careful what you post on your social media platforms,” he said.

“Your boss is watching your social media, and in some cases, they can sack you if you breach company policies.”

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