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Cricket Club Is Calling For Ban Of Lewd Lyrics In Team Victory Song

Cricket club is calling for ban of lewd lyrics in team victory song

A Queensland cricket club is calling for a ban of lewd lyrics in a victory song which asks women to ‘show us your t***s’.

Club officials sent an urgent directive to captains calling for an end to the vulgar song sign-off following a complaint.

Cricket club calling for ban is home to Aussie greats

Valleys Cricket Club once called Australian cricketing greats Allan Border, Stuart Law and Matthew Hayden their members.

The club now boasts the highest number of registered female players in the country with the popularity of women’s cricket on the rise.

Vulgar songs part of sporting clubs for decades

Songs with vulgar lyrics have featured in sporting clubs for decades, but many say ‘enough is enough’.

Valleys received the anonymous complaint and quickly acted to end the song’s offensive last line, featuring a chant of ‘Show us your t***s’.

Officials say they addressed the complaint and issued a club-wide directive to captains of all senior teams banning the offensive lyrics.


Sitting in the clubhouse after we’ve won the game, another famous victory is added to our name.

And now as we sit and celebrate, the victory’s great, we played it straight.

The mighty Valleys diehards, the boys in royal blue.

Show us your t***s!

Lyrics are offensive and need to go

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from Human Rights Claims says the lyrics are offensive and need to go.

“I cannot believe in this era of MeToo and the popularity of women’s cricket that this sort of thing still goes on,” he said.

“These lyrics are not only offensive to women, but they also send a shocking message to impressionable young men who play the game too.”



Young cricketers sanctioned for joking about rape

Last year, several teenage players were reprimanded after chanting explicit lyrics and joking about rape during a cricket carnival bus trip.

The juniors are not connected to the Valleys club, but play with some of Brisbane’s most prestigious school teams.

While six of the boys involved received ‘sanctions’, five were selected in state representative teams.

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