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Best And Less Receives Praise For LGBTIQ-friendly Children’s Playsuit Range

Best and Less receives praise for LGBTIQ-friendly children’s playsuit range

Best and Less has received praise for its new LGBTIQ-friendly children’s playsuit range.

QNews reports the Australian retail clothing chain’s outfits are being widely shared on social media.

Many LGBTIQ parents are expressing excitement over the range, in addition to thanking Best and Less for its inclusivity.

Equality one all the way for my lil man for all those amazing double mummy and double daddy’s out there,” one excited mum said. 

“Oh now those are cool…we’ve got some shopping to do.”

“Yaaassss Best and Less,” another added.

Best and Less new LGBTIQ-friendly children’s playsuit range

The Best and Less Pride range is a first, and designed for babies with same-sex parents.

The outfits are timed for the upcoming Mardi Gras festival, but equally, the playsuits are cute enough to wear all year round.

Some of the slogans include:

“I have the best dads ever” and “I got it from my mamas” and “Equality”.



Best and Less to be congratulated

The outfits thrill industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from Human Rights Claims.

“I congratulate Best and Less for their inclusion and their efforts to celebrate diversity,” he said.

“Families come in all shapes and sizes, and all deserve celebration, whatever form or shape they come in.

“Retailers making decisions like this is not only smart, it also sends a positive message to young people who are struggling with their sexual orientation that it is okay to be different.”

QNews also reports Kmart last year released a range of family play sets, including both same and opposite-sex parents.

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